No, it is about Palin. No, it is not about Trump

No, it’s not about Anthony Wiener. No, it’s not

Great sign on it all(True)

about ‘Beck’. Remember George “I Like To Kill

Unarmed Black Teens” Zimmerman?!?!?! Well

he’s back, & blathering racial hate like a ‘Cliven

Bundy’ would. And what did Captain Fuck say?

“Instead of rushing to judgment, making
racially charged comments and pitting
American against American, I believe that
he [Obama] should have taken the higher
road…for him to make incendiary comments
as he did and direct the Department of Justice
to pursue a baseless prosecution, he by far
over-stretched, over-reached…I believe god
has his plans, & for me to second guess them
would be hypocritical, almost blasphemous”

Ah yes, it was “gods plan” for you to “stalk” and

then shoot, killing another human being?! How

Batshitcrazy Insane. I’m convinced, assfuck still

owes people BIG $, and THIS was his best ‘idea’

Zimmerman idiot face(And armed you)

Again, this Bag Of Shit gets no more “attention”

from me, until he’s either A) In jail or B) Found

dead by his own hate actions/hand. Oh, you can

bet it’s coming. Idiot racists are great at this shit

Have a day!

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