Brown Bitch Slaps Cruz…

March 23rd, 2015

California Governor Jerry Brown objectively tells

Turd Cruz he is full of shit. On Seth Meyers show

ted-cruz-seth-meyers-lg(“I’m a big liar”)

Cruz avoided the entire question, & then claimed

that science doesn’t agree there is climate change

*Massive Disney Movie Promo Record Scratch*

No, and Seth, who I’ve Worked With many times

before doing shows in my earlier days, should’ve

called him out on that. 97% of scientists all agree

Unless of course Cruz thinks NASA is full of shit?

Wouldn’t put it past Old Lying Fucko McDipstick

And what did Jerry Brown say about Cruz’s lie?!?

Jerry Brown on MTP(“WTF?!?!?”)

“What he said (Cruz) is absolutely false. Over 90%
(it’s 97%) of scientists agree…& that man betokens
such a level of ignorance, & a direct falsification of
existing scientific data, it’s shocking. I think that man
has rendered himself absolutely unfit to be running”

Well that left a pretty big mark right there on our

Turd Cruz’s smarmy face. The stern idea that this

is debatable is laughable. These politicians are so

unfit to be taken seriously they’re little more than

a loud lying kid in the back of the class room tryin

to correct the teacher, while totally wrong, & their

dick is hanging out of their pants. They aren’t real

people who deserve to be taken remotely seriously

They’re loud, wet, farts, on the white undies of life

NOTE: Your Daily Fix Of Right Wing Batshitcrazy

Have a day!

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