Mike “I lie for a living” Huckabee decided to become

a ‘felon’ the other day. How exciting. It seems the fat


loud lying Republican presidential dopeful is shilling

a “cure” for diabetes. He even did a bullshity video ad

Which contained lie, after lie, after lie, after bullshity

lie like this “Let me tell you, diabetes can be reversed”

Um, no it can’t. It can be “controlled” with shit called

insulin. What’s the secret ingredient cure? Cinnamon

But the traveling ‘snake oil salesman’ isn’t done at all

During a “campaign event” in Iowa, he said, he never

used the “cure” and even ended the relationship with

Huckabee selling shit(It’s Grifty!)

the company he was “lying” for. THIS is very serious

shit dammit. Kevin Trudeau was fined, and jailed for

10 years using this exact specific scam. This is simply

criminal stuff. Forget in the video ad he said he used

it, and publicly admitted he lied about it. Our entire

society has convicted & jailed lying assholes like this

Arizona Had A Debate…

About whether or not, “God” gave us rights or was it

people? Ahem, if you want to choose a religion or ya

Arizona idiots(Moron Patrol)

want to worship any deity you like, have at it brother

If you want to claim, that religion now makes all our

“laws”, you might want to peek at the “Constitution”

NO, WE make them. Unless of course you can show

us “Gods” signature, on the US Constitution. That’d

be a neat trick. You can’t?!?! There are simply some

things in this world that we shouldn’t be “debating”

Gravity, The Holocaust, Climate Science, Vaccines,

the Civil War, or any basic topic found in REALITY

See, what someone “believes” isn’t what is. Were it

BB_better-call-saul-t(He’ll fix ya!)

that way, little girls would be riding Cool Unicorns

with Pegasus wings that farts rainbows & shits out

Soft Serve ice cream. Debate is good, it IS healthy

But debating topics that are born out by history &

facts, & Scholarly Rigor, & proven by all Science is

pointless. Unless FOX wants to see if water is wet?

NOTE: Benjamin Netanyahu Re-Elected In Race

Have a day!

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