Super Hero Porn Titles?!?

January 24th, 2014

Every comic book movie that comes out, has to have a porn title

associated with it. It’s just a law in the universe as far as I know

(yes, actual title!)

Meh, it’s been happening since the dawn of porn. Here they are:

-XXX Men
-The Green Handturn
-Dickman & Throbin
-The Anal-Avengers
-Captain I-Stare-At-Ya
-Dude Devil
-Spider Hands
-The Punish-Her
-The Bulk
-The Thing(come on!)
-Sliver Sexter
-The Human Dork
-The Flash(come on!!!!)

Your turn. Go make up your own super hero “Orgy Of Just-Us”

On WGN radio this Sunday 26th with Patti Vasquez 11-2am

Have a weekend!

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