It’s a new game I’ve been playing. Surely my best half is damn

sick of hearing it, along with all 2 of my friends. For girls this

(I know)

will not work as well. After someone says something, either a

statement/question, you reply so loudly “with my dick”. Here

are a couple good examples where it works really really well:

Friend, “Hey, can you change the channel to the Grammys?”

You: “Sure I can…with my DICK!”. Friend: “I can’t seem to


get this door open, can you help me?”. You: “Have you tried

opening it…with my DICK?!?!”. Friend: “I went to the store

yesterday…”. You: “with my DICK!”. I think you pretty much

get the idea. There are times when it doesn’t work so well at

all. Friend: “Oh, what are we supposed to pay our electric bill

with, we have no $?”. You(sadly): “with my dick……………….”

Have a weekend!

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