“Gun Shows” Shot In Foot

January 22nd, 2013

There’s just nothing funnier on National Gun Appreciation

Day, than having some shooting accidents from gun owners


It’s supposed to be a big display for responsible gun owners

There were a number of accidental discharged firearms all

over. 3 people were injured at the NC Dixie gun show. The

irony? It happened at a “security check point”. Holy SHIT I

just can’t make this shit up can I? Oh, there’s more. A dude

shot himself in the hand while trying to load a gun he got at

(“Use the death end”)

an Indianapolis gun show. There were other shooting events

These were all “accidental shootings”. But it wasn’t related to

just “gun shows”. A little girl shot herself in the FACE?!?!?!?

My irony meter just exploded again. Shit, & I just got it fixed

It’d be like having “National Abstinence Day”, with a record

(I knew it)

number of teen pregnancies for that day, or “National Dick

Safety Day” where a record number of bear traps rip off the

flesh wands of dudes. These “responsible” gun owners don’t

represent the average good gun owners. It’s like letting the

idiots of the world speak for you. However, if the NRA and

gun nuts, were planning on using this event politically, to

garner pro-gun support, they’ll have to wait until next year

(“I’z shooty”)

The reason to laugh, because no one died in all the events

Here’s hoping next year they wear bullet proof footwear….

Have a day!

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