Gun Control Schmun Control!

January 16th, 2013

Sorry to all of you. Honesty is always our policy here

Had a reoccurring flu, along with my mother having

(Day nadda!)

serious health problem with her heart. Thanks for u

all being patient, & reading all the other past post in

the meantime. Obama is “doing gun control”. It just

sounds so sexual. Like he’s putting on some nice soft

Barry White jams about to smooth talk us all on the

(So like Christ)

issues. “Come on baaaaaaaaby. This assault weapon

shit is assaulting our love baaaaaaaaaaby. No more”

I am pro-gun. I am not “pro-assault weapons letting

crazy nuts commit massive evil acts of violence with

them”. I would say a lot of society feels just the same

(Ga der)

Whatever laws we put in place shouldn’t hurt current

gun owners, but should try to place hurdles in front of

nuts, and TRY to make these events harder to happen

Now what does the NRA have to say about all this???

Nothing valid. They won’t ever accept this discussion

They only seek to demonize anyone against the status

quo of “no more rules fuckers”. It’s not a conversation


It’s someone literally plugging ears yelling, “No no no”

They even put out an “ad” slamming Obama for letting

his Secret Service carry guns. These insane fuckers are

nationally tone deaf. These people aren’t interested in

any conversation. They are only interested in doing it

their way, or they take up guns to start a civil war. This

is not a national discussion. It’s a “threat”. Ironically it

is the exact same thing we’re trying to avoid. Maybe if

we must now address how to end mass shootings, when

talking about policy, don’t threaten MASS SHOOTINGS

What a sad collection of loud red neck children. Assbags

Different Strokes Dad Dies

Conrad Bain passed away early today. Mr. Drummond

(Mr. D!)

or “Mr. D” was pretty cool dad. I was an 80’s kid. And

he was one of the cooler dads. Well, actually he was a

little stuffy compared to Alex Keaton’s dad. I liked him

even better. Mr. Huckstable was also very fly. Meh, in

80’s “dad’s” were just a lot more cool. Maybe because

(Willis crashes)

they were all “coked up” & wealthy. That makes almost

any dad instantly “cooler”, til they come down & crash

I’m back baby, and my mom’s feeling better. Thanks to

all of you kick ass people. Without you, I don’t matter

Have a day!

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