Piers VS. Frothing Insane Guy

January 8th, 2013

There is a guy named Alex Jones. He’s utterly totally insane

When I say “insane” I don’t mean Ozzy Osborne biting a bat

(“I’m Kung-Fu nuts”)

head off insane. It’s “performance art fun crazy”. This Jones

interview was like a watching a guy off his med’s screaming

for 7 minutes while waving pieces of paper about FBI stats

Then at the same time saying, “Our Guberment always lies”

(“I’m goofy”)

Make up your mind nut. Either they’re out to get you, or ya

take the statistics they offer as actual fact. He can’t do both

He was on to discuss gun control, but ended up making an

massive ass of himself. Ahhhhh loud hubris. How awesome

Here’s Jones talking about guns and his petition to “deport

Piers Morgan because he’s part of the NWO” utter nuttiness

(“I’m insane!”)

He shouted “1776 will commence again if you try to take our

fire arms…we will not relinquish them do you understand?”

This guy is nuttier than a Planters Peanut factory. No one’s

coming for your “gun”. But please tell me, what assault gun

with a 50 clip load is needed to “hunt bears”? None. They’re

(Shut it!)

only used in war, violent shootings, & armed robbery. This

guy’s insane & should be in a padded cell next to Glenn Beck

Tomorrow: GOP Group Takes “Republican” out, LMOS

Have a day!

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