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Trump Supporters are leaving in droves BUT, it Means Nothing, Unless Everyone (<-Suckers) VOTES! As the Writing Dries on the wall the rest of Society Watches this “Horror show” Trump has created in realtime. It is Going VERY Badly. Cohen, Has Trump on tape Discussing The Karen McDougal Payments. Whooooooopsie. And things’ll get worse by […]

They’re ALL Going Down…

July 19th, 2018

For those who don’t actually know The Definition of Treason In the United States, Please read this: (Sitting in a tree) Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them……………OR in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort That LAST Part is The Key Folks. Did you notice that […]

As Trump continues his daily war with the truth and reality, in the Real World Mueller, and all of (“Fake Nudes!”) the DOJ are humming along With Convictions & now a new charge against this kremlin operative named Maria Butina. Oooooooooooooooooooops She was the NRA’s poster child, asked Trumpy a couple of Questions and was […]

FOX has turned On Traitor Trump and It’s the Beginning Of The End for Both of them (<-Piss Pals) They See the Writing on the wall. This is all about our Fucking Country, it’s future if we still have one, our Safety and our “Security” Treason isn’t a “Game” folks. This is deadly serious shit […]

Remember that one time when a cop asked that known rapist if he Raped 50 women & he simply (We know!) answered “Oh, no, I did not”. Then the cop said, “He said he did Not do it, so lets all ignore large amounts of Evidence, DNA links & when he told me he Did […]

“Stone” Cold BUSTED!

July 13th, 2018

As the lying Racist Orange Anus Spews His hate, lies and attacks the very fabric of our (We Know) countries laws/values/rules……his days are numbered. Mueller Just Busted 12 Russian “Intelligence Officers”, Charged, & Indicted for hacking the 2016 US Election. Ooooops And guess what, Rodger Stone Trumps big “confidant” who directly “interacted” with 1 of […]

Yesterday and last Friday. We have been dealing with a Death in the family. No excuses, just facts (<R-Goodlatte Liar) Speaking of “Sorry nothings”…the entire bullshit theater Today in Congress Against 2 FBI Agents who had Texts about disliking Trump. Ahem that Could Be 7 Million REPUBLICANS All “saying” the exact samething. Forget this is […]

So today Racists spewing hate on cell cams, California ADA’s Inciting Racist Murder, And (Shit) Trump Pardoning Felonious Cowboy Criminals Makes this sadly a very horrific time in the US history. Make no mistake, there are racist and they want their hate back. This kind of hate is not Acceptable Anymore. And using OUR cops […]

It seems the Far Right Wing of hate is losing very Badly These Days. See, they don’t ever (Bye bye dick!) understand the rules of governance because their Overt ignorant Hate Takes no rigor but understanding the rules/facts sure does. It’s what Racists Do/Are. Well is Seems Britian’s May is Economically “Trying” to do the […]

Hope your 4th Was Awesome and you lit no short wicks or are missing any fingers (Yeah Baby!) It was such Great Fun Going To the Cubs game & saw some fireworks. But we also lost someone In our Family suddenly in a tragic Sudden Event. It’s so very Sad and now Our ‘Family’ Must […]

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