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It’s Pride Weekend…

June 23rd, 2017

Holy colors of the rainbow Batman! (Disco!) This Weekend In Chicago Should be a wild one. For all Those in the lgbtq Communities. Hope, You Enjoy it All Rock Your Days to All & have A Blast NOTE : Trump Is A Lying Lunatic And His Days Are Numbered As He States: “I Bluffed Comey, […]

When you watch the pure horror of this Illegal, Murderous, Event. Any Rational (Murder, period) Citizen Can’t help But All now feel Their broken heart. This Footage Shows What he, Philando did, was by the book and it STILL didn’t Matter. The only Reason he was killed, was Because of his skin Color PERIOD. This […]

Karen Handel beat Jon Ossoff in GA’s 6th District Election. What Does it All (Oh Look Who!) mean?!?!?! Well, it Tells You That The demographic make up of Red states is changing. What was A 23 Point win in November of 2016, was Now a 4 point win. That is A Swing Of 20 Points. […]

Republican took the lowest of low roads in This Special Election Of R-Handel VS. (It’s just LePenn!) D-Jon Ossoff. They know They always’ll lose with high turnout. If Turnout is low nail bitter time. More $ has been jacked into this race on Both Sides. More so on Republican Handel’s Side got Super Pac $. […]

This is yet another post I wish I never had to Type. Another Racist Anti-Muslim White (Agreed!) Nationalist in London. This time, an Asshole used a truck 2 plow through people going to prayer at a Mosque. All these racists are not only evil, ignorant, and Hateful. They are all losing their Hateful positions to […]

It’s Father Day Weekend!

June 16th, 2017

So if you get a call from a Kid who say, “Dad, it’s your son”, just hang (Rock it!) up and Say, “Wow, wrong number” Go out and enjoy it all. So my girls got me a new Golf Bag, On Sale As we Wouldn’t have it any Other way And I can’t wait To […]

TWITter Tantrum…

June 15th, 2017

Trump just can’t help His Thumbs these days. When you’re ship is sinking and it (Good luck!) is goin’ down at light speed, bitch about it, right!?!? Especially when it’s All your own fault. Trump’s tweeting against the Special Prosecutor and he has no clue it is Crippling Him. Here is the lunatics ID: “They […]

Shooting at A Congress Baseball Practice Just Happened. Thankfully, No One Died (Horror!) except the Shooter themselves this is an act of hate/horror. We’ve sadly been here before with Worse Results. We do all just ‘Remember’, That Gabby Giffords ‘Horror’ Much Love To all Those Injured including Republican Steve Scalise who was shot in the […]

Oh boy this is Ugly. It was just some Unprepared Republicans letting That (<-Bullshit Mountain) little ‘Keebler Evil Elf’ Endlessly Spew Filibuster BS While Saying nothing at all. His goal, just lie big in all opening remarks. Most Republicans “Coddled” Him Massively. The Only 2 Tough D’s Were Heinrich & King. They Basically Told Sessions, […]

This is Your lay up to fuck up. All of you. Staying centrist, or allowing no (Don’t choke!) valid policies that help ALL voters & all Americans (All of those Southern Republicans, Moderates, those solid Independents, & ‘Progressives’) Will Likely Split / End Your Current Party The only way to win, run Candidates Like Christine […]

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