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This is such a ‘horror’. A gunman killed 3 people, before turning the gun on himself. The person was “Ivan Lopez”, married, served in Iraq for only four (Such sadness) months, was not wounded in action, & had serious mental issues. They are also saying he had a self-reported traumatic brain injury. Gee, you think [...]

Becky Sued, Obama Share?!?!

April 2nd, 2014

Never let it be said that comeuppance doesn’t have to be a delicious meal. Seems that, Glenn “Nuttier Than a Payday (It’s Captain Turd) Candy Bar” Beck is being sued for defamation of character And now the “master rightwing lies feces distributor” is in deep anus spread after “Smearing” Saudi Arabian student Abdulrahman Alharbi as [...]

Republican Governor, Chris “Krispy Kreme” decided that his “scandal” isn’t one. Interesting, so who did the investigation? (Fridge Gate?!?!) Oh HE DID. How interesting. Then let us hear what his exact finding were. He decided to do a self appointed large internal investigation, and it concluded: A) Guy ‘likes to throw people’ under bus’s when [...]

Yep, it’s almost spring, and with it comes the “nutty batshitcrazy” political ads season. Yippie skippy! Well, first off we have TeaOP (Tea “Baggage”) Alabama Republican Will Brooke who decided to do an ad where he shoots up a copy of the ACA. Yep, nothing says “I got no ideas rational solutions, & have a [...]

There are many farts, for many occasions. So each, have their moment in the sun, to let you back door burp fly. What’s your (truth hurts) favorite? So many to choose from. Here’s a solid “starter” list: -Shit Shack Slack Squeakers(tiny mouse farts) -Deadly Dirt Button Dandy’s(egg like in smell) -Mega Mud Cage Melt-downs(loud, & [...]

Nick Cannon decided to do something he thought would be “edgy”, or “cool” to draw attention to his new album called: (you foron) “White People Party Music”. This is not the 1st, nor the last time a black guy has dressed at a white man. Eddie Murphy did it, Chappelle did it, the Wayne’s did [...]

Rummy Dummy Balls…

March 26th, 2014

Donald Dumbsfeld decided to go on TV to take aim at the Obama (I zap you all!) foreign policy. He stoked “a trained ape would have better foreign policy skills(than Obama)”; here’s the entire quote right in context “This administration, the White House, & State Department, failed to get a status of forces agreement. A [...]

What if you heard a bunching of kids singing a nice little chant? “Engine, engine number nine, going down the Chicago Blue Line, should the engine jump the track, do you want your money back?” (holy shit!) Well, it happened for ‘reals’, & it’s not funny at all. The Chicago Blue Line headed to O’Hare [...]

I know, I said I’d never mention Glenn Beck again, but this is simply a perfect example of today’s detached lazy & lying (deranged clown) Conservative Libertarian. Glenn sent out a “Tea Turd Party” mailer to elect these bigoted, lying, plutocrat blow job kings While ‘we agree’ Mitch McConnell is an establishment RINO Glenn wants [...]

“Fart Shoes”!

March 21st, 2014

Would be the greatest invention ever. Well that & instant food (check it out!) from a pill to feed starving kids but then fart shoes a close 2nd Well #3 Duke lost today, which “most likely” made everyone’s ncaa bracket just like Kate Middletons vagina, royally screwed Meh, enjoy the weekend. I’m watching Divergent tonight [...]

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