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The New & Exciting KKK’s numbers are pretty low by today’s standards. But….they figured out the best way (Molester Van!) to recruit KIDS!!!!!!!! They all decided to go the “child molester” route & go with “candy”. Now the only thing missing is the “creepy 70′s van” with the “sliding door” See, if you’re a southern [...]

If you want to understand the ‘Israeli Palestinian’ conflict in a very simple way it is this: “No!!! God gave this land to (For realz) us!!!”. See, when both claim religious reasons for the right the the land, you get this crazy insane silly hateful shit. Oh that must be a fun conversation. Could “God” [...]

It seems there is a police force in Fruitland Park, Florida that had 3 people officers(including a Deputy Chief) who (true) are fucking “Klan Members”!!! Deputy Chief David Borst & Officer George Hunnewell were ‘cited’ in an FBI report ad being active KKK Members. Oooooooooooooooooops I can “damn well sure” tell you this. They ARE [...]

Holy shit, these people are not only mentally ill, they’re inciting intense levels of violence. The “citizen militia operation”, called (Insane Idiots) “Secure Our Border–Laredo”, decided it’s time THEY all secure our boarder. I mean, fuck the boarder patrol right!?!?!? If a cop can’t bat .1000 then step in & be a cop pulling people [...]

Rick “Frothy” Santorum thinks the founding fathers had it (Loser turd) all right with respect to voting rights. Listen to this bullshit “Were we ready for an election when the United States was formed to have everybody in the United States vote?! Well, our Founders didn’t think so…They limited the people who could vote in [...]

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! No short wicks, or else your new name is “3 Fingers Louie”. I’m back BABY! *crickets* Ohhhh (*Crickets*) I see, not much of a big deal then. If you were hoping to avoid yet another “here’s an overt racist” blog post. Society just didn’t ‘play’ fair. [...]

The Supreme Court recently decided that “corporations” can all impose their religious views on all employees *Record Scratch* Wait?!? What?! (Yes Ruth, we know) There’s the main issue. If someone’s “religious freedom” is to now deny others their personal freedom, we have a logic problem. What if a ‘boss’ has anti-abortion religious beliefs? They could [...]

While Democrats can be complicit pussies, you can’t call the vast majority of them, politically speaking, ‘mentally insane’ (We know) You know, the kind of people who think racism is a religious belief. You know, the kind of people who think Benghazi, or, Obama is Kenyan with a fake birth certificate. You know the same [...]

Babies! And lots of them. Dress them up in cute little adult outfits like: lawyer, cop, Dr, fireman; but not military. That (Or NFL Head Coach) will throw off some people. They will just think our soldiers shrank. The reason? Babies are cute & will distract them all from their rage. Besides, between blowing something [...]

Wow!! The Batshitcrazy Mobile known as the Republican party today have lost their ever loving minds; wait they never really (We know) had them to begin with so it’s moot. It seems, John “Tan Man” Boehner isn’t hating Obama enough so might lose his speaker- ship. Now it’s on to “Oh, how about we just [...]

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