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April 19th, 2016

Go Out Early, and VOTE. You pick exactly whom you want. If you do (VOTE!) want “Hillary”, then know Exactly WHAT or WHO You’re ‘Voting’ for She “Tried to Ride” a ‘Subway’ in NYC. Ahem, it didn’t go well at all As someone who takes City public transportation, that Type of shit is puke worthy. […]

NYC The Debate State…

April 18th, 2016

It’s about a New York state of mind All eyes in the nation on NYC. They (Face Off) had a debate on the 14th and so it wasn’t a Knock Out for Sanders. He couldn’t deliver that finishing move He Actually “Stumbled” a few times Hillary Is Alive. The Only Thing that Beats Her Now […]

Jackie Robinson Day!

April 15th, 2016

It was amazing! Sox win, and Hawks win. Are you kidding me? I feel like a (Boom!) child on Christmas day. Thank you so much silly nonexistent goofy thing. It is reality that the sun comes up so let us all explain that to “crazy religious” believers. No!!! Not our job. Be NICE and let […]

“I’m With Racist”…

April 14th, 2016

Bill O’Really Had On Cotton Candy bigot hair the other night; so what (<-A Racist Off!) did they discuss? Shit all racist do Stuff like: “Why do “Those Blacks” all have forehead tattoos” (Record scratch) Come again? Yes, you did Read that correctly. Forget that IF you Type in Forehead Tattoo’s in a search you […]

Thoughtless Trump Turds…

April 13th, 2016

Trump’s already enough of a meathead bad Cotton Candied hairdo moron, BUT (<-They don’t care) his ignorantly Racist supporters are just another story alltogether. They “believe” Shira Law is here; it’s not. They ‘believe’ Trump Has policies, plans & actual ideas He does not. They are Loud, Violent and Very Ignorant of the Most Basic […]

NC Bigots Hate LGBT’s…

April 12th, 2016

This is like saying “Water is wet” or “the sky is blue”, or “Trump’s <-Bigot douche) a lying, racist, sociopath”. Well? NC Governor ‘ASS’ Pat McCrory is now walking back his ‘bigotry’ Geeee, that’s like creating a law JUST to discriminate, get caught and then only pretend to “fix” it You Know, REPUBLICANS. Sure Democrats […]

Hey “ASSoL”!

April 11th, 2016

In the “cosmic justice” files, a lot of ‘idiots’ at George Mason took $ (<-Big Asshole) from the ‘Koch Brothers’ and this other donor for $20 mill, to name their law school after the recently passed Antonin Scalia. BUT, Only problem is when you say the Title out Loud: It is The Antonin Scalia School […]

What The El?#%!

April 8th, 2016

The Masters’s happenin this week Not a huge golf fan. Like to play it (Ooooooops) more than watch it. But if ya Saw Erine Els Putting disaster you just might have “Felt His Pain”. He Six putted the 1st Hole. There R Days and then there are days; don’t ya judge him, you’ll have a […]

Sanders did an interview, & a Reporter asked: “What statute would you use to (<-Loves policy ?’s) try the break up all the big banks now” He explained: “Depends what tact you would want to take in order to do that” They IGNORED That Point To “Smear” The funny part is everyone is watching the […]

Trump got thumped in Cheeseland And ‘Sanders Train’ is rolling like a (“No, I won!”) fat kid down a hill. The polls didn’t lie, and ‘buckle up’. Hillary is going NEGATIVE now that he is on a roll And, Since She LOST 8 in 9 of the last primaries it is so putting her in […]

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