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Drumpf Nuts & Hate Prick

June 14th, 2016

Donny D “hugged” a flag & was so simply fuckin Nutty (WTF?!?) it could have been “Skippy” Peanut better extra chunky It happened at press stop in orlando where he asked the crowd to Shout VP Picks, & then hugged the flag after a “Build The Wall!!!!!!!” chant Broke Out. At that Moment, OUR American […]

The Worst Mass Shooting, In US history just happened on Sunday (We know) My fingers can barely get out the letters today. My Heart is broken The evil, hateful and SO ignorant Religious Intolerance, in An LBGT shooting that left 49 dead and 53 injured is the worst mass shootin’ in ‘US History’. And, the […]

A Republican Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee, is in Deep shit. It is sooo (She’s Fucked) deep, her Career might ‘Drown’ in it What did she do?! Oh, well she is on a panel called: Select Panel Of Infant Lives. Yes, this is “Another” Planned Parenthood “investigation”, which is really just a Witch Hunt. But what […]

Sanders “Stays In”…

June 8th, 2016

Clinton won California, New Jersey, New Mexico, and also South Dakota (<-Fighter) And Sanders won Montana & North Dakota. The pledged delegate totals are Clinton 1,926, & Sanders 1,615 In order for the ‘Primary’ to be over She needed to hit 2,383 without the Super Delegates officially for it to be complete. Until then, Wait […]

California “Voting” Today Baby! Queen Clinton got The Media to already declare her the delegate (“Good one!”) Winner. Forget she’s Really Not since SuperDelegates don’t vote until July. Without ‘those’ she is not even close. It ‘appears’ they Both will Not Have enough for a win. If Sanders has A ‘Big Night’ tonight, it makes […]

Violence brokeout at a Trump rally last week at a San Jose rally and it (<-Bad!) was the counter protesters who did the violence, which is “disgustingly” sad. Do “People” Understand “Free Speech”? Drumpf supporter are all terrible, but the ‘Solution’ is NOT to use violence and attack them. Ohhh fucking no. When ‘people’ are […]

A Hurts Donut…

June 3rd, 2016

You want a “Hurts Donut”?!?!?!? (Punches the reader softly in the (Yum!) arm) Hurts Don’t It?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Yes, I’m an utter Moron on every level. It’s ‘National Donut’ day!!!! Which means, I’ll get either: A) 2 Sizes larger Pants, or B) Put on a nice pair a sweatpants; or maybe some Zubaz. Yes, I’m Very fuckin’ […]

Now this isn’t only Funny, it’s also very very very sad. The Libertarian (“I GOT This!”) Mind (Yes, I get it’s an Oxymoron) has no solid¬†fundamental Thought process. It is Simply: “Making Shit Up” With No Sense/Attachment To facts, governance history or reality You have “people”, ‘claiming’ to be ‘Adults’, Always Shouting: “End All Government!!!!”, […]

When you are a lying, racist, bully “Reality” has this Constant way of (<-What A Mess!) always catching up with YOU. Oh & then the real racist hate begins His Drumpf University went belly up so badly. And he was SUED & that trial, which he will ‘lose’ very badly, is on going. The Judge […]

Good Ex Memorial Day weekend to you all! Hope it was awesome! (Damn straight!) But more importantly, thank you to everyone who has served both present, and past. And to “Those” who will ‘Serve in the Future’. Let us all never forget. A’ thanks’ just isn’t enough these days. And one Day Isn’t Enough. Glad […]

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