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Chicago Blues Festival…

June 9th, 2017

This weekend! The Blues are just a person (Boom!) who is comparing Shitty stories and Really just has You Beat By A Lot. It’s like a “You think your life sucks, wait til ya hear mine” It’s like A “Hard Luck” Competition & They always win. Chicago summers are the best Have a weekend!

Trump is Going Down And Will Take all R’s with him who wanna tag along for the Ride (Bring it!) Anyone who watched James Comey Testify today, Watched all of Trumps lies Go up in Orange Anus Smoke. Trumps asked James Comey to “Drop the Flynn investigation” & Comey correctly took it as direction. Yet […]

The “Relationship”, Between Trumpy, And AG Sessions has become so tense that he (Jail?) (J Sessions) Suggested that he’d ‘Resign’ All the Rats are fleeing the fat, lyin’, loud Sinking Trumptanic. It Still Won’t Protect them From Serious Treason Charges that are likely Coming. Comey testifies on the Hill Tomorrow, And he Already Painted It […]

No matter if It’s Trump’s Insane Twit Tweets, Lies, Hate, Ignorance or fails (<-Slander!) He is now A Record low in “Approval Rating” & Has More Approval for his Impeachment Proceedings then folks approve. Let That Sink IN! Oooooops The world’s a sadder, more hateful & Darker Place with Him In Power. But, that isn’t […]

London experienced yet another violent terrorist jihad Attack by religious hating (No!) Extremists. THIS, WILL, NOT STAND!!!! Theresa┬áMay said as Such & also Called Trump “WRONG!” for His Insane lies for London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan. These Acts of Horror And Hate Will Not stand again If you’re a Violent religious extremist of ANY stripe, Good […]

Wonder-ful Woman…

June 2nd, 2017

When it comes to Amazons, I’m (Noooice!) All In! Wonder Woman Isn’t Any exception. Except, for her magic lasso of truth. Any guy is fucked With That Lie Detector Test Shit Have a weekend!

Orange Anus “Withdrew” From our Paris Agreement on climate change (<-Pure Evil!) Due to President Idiotfuck, We now join Syria & Nicaragua. That is IT!!! Only 3 People didn’t join this and it shows WHY. This is ignoring reality & Science by Way Of Plugging one’s Fat Ears Ignoring Facts. Please look at the Modern […]

Hope Your Memorial Day rocked! It was awesome. Got to hang out (Boom!) with Family and new friends for it all. Even Almost had A BBQ flame fuck up but its fine! Also was able to Hang with my Brother Jay for a Full Day. Playing…Watching NCAA Golf At Rich Harvest Farms. It was awesome. […]

Chumps “Muslim Ban” was thrown out AGAIN. So, much, winnin’ right Trump (They did!) toads?!?!? It is an executive order with unconstitutional Animus against a very “specific” religious Group. That will not legally Stand. But don’t Expect Trumpy to Legally Grasp This Fact. He does not understand legal realities. He never did Look how many […]

There would be 23 million more Americans That Are “Uninsured” (Suckers!) Now Under The TrumpyDoesNot Care Joke Bill. This is According to “CBO”, or as Republicans Call it “Lies”, Because They All Want Fantasy to be their “New” reality None of them Actually live in the real world. Yet, they’re supposed To Make laws For […]

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