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MLB The Show 15…

April 3rd, 2015

Is the reason I’m not answering my phone Or e-mail, or texts or posting on-line aside (Fo sho!) from this. Sorry, “this years” game, is even better than last years. And that is  saying a lot. Better Graphics, Smoother play on ALL levels (hitting, pitching, fielding etc), & this ability to play as the older […]

Fucker, “I Am A Shitty Bigoted Prick” Carlson has a lot to gripe about. You see, he’s upset we (Insufferable douche) in our society are not allowing his ‘intolerance’ “All the talk of tolerance that a lot of us sort of took at face value in the ‘90s and even in the last decade — […]

It seems Mikey Pence is now in “Holy Shit I Really Fucked Up So Badly” Mode. It seems (“I’m a bigot!”) he can’t figure out ‘exactly why’ people have correctly seen His Relgious Freedom Bill as the “discriminative tool of hate” it overtly is He will NEVER answer the simple question of “Will the bill […]

After the wonderful interview by the French media outlet with the Monsanto assclown, it (Yes) has “moved” the needle enough for another 1 to happen. Nebraskan farmer, named James Osbourne tried to pull a page from the “You won’t even swallow your own bullshit” book He isn’t necessarily against “Fracking”, he is on the fence, & […]

Indiana has a problem. It’s them there damn “gays”, & they gonna make sure they do NOT (“No Soup for you!”) have equal protection under law. At least that is what Governor Mikey, “Bigot Town” Pence thinks. He signed a bill, into law on Thursday Senate Bill 101 Religious Freedom Restoration Act would allow institutions, […]

Front Or Back Door?

March 27th, 2015

Oh you know exactly what I’m talking about right? Meat deliveries, where do you take them? See, I’ve (Truck-O-Meat!) noticed the front door is closer to the kitchen so it makes more sense to me, and…wait a second. Why are you looking at me like that? Oh, wait, ohhhhhh you thought I was talking about […]

Saying Racist Cops today is like breathing or yelling “Hey, water is wet!”. Yes, WE KNOW (Oooops) Not all Cops are racist, that would be a crazy untrue generalization. BUT when there’s the case after case after case after case examples and NO ONE does anything about it. Then it becomes a problem. Firing the […]

No, it is about Palin. No, it is not about Trump No, it’s not about Anthony Wiener. No, it’s not (True) about ‘Beck’. Remember George “I Like To Kill Unarmed Black Teens” Zimmerman?!?!?! Well he’s back, & blathering racial hate like a ‘Cliven Bundy’ would. And what did Captain Fuck say? “Instead of rushing to […]

No, I didn’t type Mikey Mouse, but his name does sort of sound like that, doesn’t it?! Well (Mikey Kaus) it seems the bubble of far rightwing craziness even has it limits for some. He “recently” quit at The Daily Caller, or what I call “News Max” Lite. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not mad […]

Brown Bitch Slaps Cruz…

March 23rd, 2015

California Governor Jerry Brown objectively tells Turd Cruz he is full of shit. On Seth Meyers show (“I’m a big liar”) Cruz avoided the entire question, & then claimed that science doesn’t agree there is climate change *Massive Disney Movie Promo Record Scratch* No, and Seth, who I’ve Worked With many times before doing shows […]

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