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Drumpfs New “Blackface”…

September 7th, 2016

Trump “Went” to an African American Church, to ‘Show up‘, and pretend he (Ha ha ha!) gives a shit. This turned out to be the most cringe worthy, odd, out of place unsettling insanity we’ve seen. And it is a LOT to say with what we have all already Seen. It Had That “There, we […]

Laborless Day Weekend!

September 6th, 2016

Hope you silly’s had a great 4 day weekend. If there Was something (Hope U Loved it!) Golf, Music, ‘Booze, ONE Fantasy football draft, & hanging with our good friend. Boom, it Sure was so buckets of giggles. Now on to the most insanely Dysfunctional Vote in An Election I have ever seen in my […]

With The Bar So Low…

September 1st, 2016

Drumpf had a win yesterday. No doubt About it. We are objective (Fuck off!) here and The Truth doesn’t pick sides. That said, he didn’t ‘spew’ his “And YOUR Going To Pay for the wall!” right to Enrique’s face (The President Tweeted he was NOT Going To Pay for the wall) He Waited, Until AFTER […]

In a last ditch effort to fan the flames of The Tire Fire Known As Drumpf, he (<-Lying Machine) decided to “Go To Mexico” before his “Big Immigration” Rehash. So he will either A) Not go makin’ up an excuse B) Go and be surly humiliated by the President Of Mexico Peña Nieto, Who hates […]

Dick Pic Schtick, RNC DOA…

August 30th, 2016

Anthony Weiner can’t keep his dick off Twitter or Texting that. It is just (Danger, danger!) enough to Make People Sick Of His “thing”. Well, his Wife sure is & she is Separated from him Now; so how Many “Dick Picks”, Does It Take, To end a marriage?!? So 3-5 is enough The worst Creepiest […]

Loser Racist & Laying Low…

August 29th, 2016

Drumpf can not seem to ever Get Out of the way of his own (Uh, oh!) fat lying racist mouth. First it is him Claiming after Dwayne Wades cousin was senselessly killed states “Just what I have been saying African Americans will VOTE TRUMP!” Ahhhhh no they “will not”. Currently Only 1% Of African Americans, […]

Sweep The Leg…

August 26th, 2016

It’s not only a band Name but it reminds us why one “Ralphy (Karate Kid!) Machio” was A God in The 80’s If You Saw A Summer Movie It was that. And it…..was…..great Booze up, Smile, have fun, and never stop Dancin’ You fuckers Have a weekend!

“Alt-Right” All Wrong…

August 25th, 2016

There is something horrific going on in the Republican Party Today (It’s All Bad!) Something called The Alt-Right & it’s “all wrong”. BUT, they are not something that magically Popped up from nowhere, they’ve been in the party from the start. And now The ‘Right Wing Hate Echo Media’ is ‘Pretending’ They sort of simply […]

Drumpfs Debt, CF Bullshit…

August 24th, 2016

It seems Drumpfy is in bad debt Around ‘$650 Million’ To Be Very (Olympic Liar!) exact. Drumpf is the sickest joke ever done to the American voter His debt, as of now “appears” to be more than His Estimated Net Worth. THAT Is Why He will not release his Tax Returns and it is why […]

“Outreach” Opposite Day…

August 23rd, 2016

If Drumpf’s goal was to reach out To “African American” Voters. He (“Blacks love me!”) did the exact opposite by reachin’ out to his Racist White hate turds instead. You’d Think his feet look like Swiss Cheese The Amount Of times he’s shot himself in the foot He asked A Suburban White click about all […]

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