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Turns out the “Shooter” was a crazy lady pissed At YouTube For Them “Censoring” (Horror) her Content and Dropping her Ads from her channel. Pissed, yes. Shoot up a lot of innocent People?!?! Fuck no. Nothing in this world is worth That shit. It’s nuts And her family “reported” her missin’ to cops Who Found […]

If you are In California near YouTube’s HQ in San Bruno, stay away. There’s an Active gun (Holy fuck!) man/shooter right now. Check on loved one’s, find ‘Safe Places’ To Hide, Be Calm As possible and get out only If “Clear”. This is horrible But Totally Expected. Until We ALL Enact “Rational Gun Control/Reform”; These […]

It seems our Former Clueless star, who seems to not know how to Point Out KKK Nazi White (<-Clueless) supremacists are “Ok” cause she is not here to “judge”, is Dropping out of her house race. Oh wow, no Way (Fakes Shocked look). She is the poster Child Of No Grasp Of “Policies”, How we […]

Figured I would post this for you guys. It’s just (Don’t Baaver) a review I did for his 1st Special In 7 Years and it’s Something I Normally Don’t Do at all. Enjoy Don’t normally comment on comedian specials, because I know how hard they are to Do/Produce/Create. Here goes. Just “watched” Ricky Gervais’s Humanity […]

If you’re attacking the Parkland victims, you are telling the world A) I don’t Have any solutions or (He Won!) ideas to solve this problem and B) I’m a horribly despicable Immoral Bag Of Shit. Laura Alt-Right Bigot Asshole Ingraham, Lost 3 Advertisers And counting. Oooooooooops. Seems if You’re a BIG asshole, that doesn’t “Sell […]

Gates Closed & Trump Sunk…

March 28th, 2018

Turns out Richard Gates was Directly “Working” with a Russian Intelligence Agent. Ooooooooooooooooops (Guilty!) Turns Out, The 1st Person, A Dutch Lawyer Alex Van Der Zwaan, worked with Gates & Manafort. And he’ll be the 1st person ‘Sentenced’ on april 3rd. He lied to Mueller & the Special Counsel, About Working With A Russian Intelligence […]

We’re back! Sorry about Yesterday, workin’ on a big Upcoming Project & needed full attention (Oooooops) It seems you’d have to be either dead or Trump to not have seen Stormy On 60 Minutes. She is far more Honest, Articulate and Specific Than a sitting President. But Let Us Be Honest. That Is everyone These […]

Trumps days Get Darker, longer And More fucked up by the Second. What used to be (<-Anus Hole) Weeks/Days, Is Now “Minutes”/”Seconds” McMaster’s is Gone. And In His Place will be an unhinged Sociopath war monger in John Bolton. The Level of Ignorance That got Him Blasted For Iraq WMD’s, Spinnin’ INR facts & lost […]

The Austin “Bomber” Is A Domestic Terrorist PERIOD. This isn’t news. The fact the cops in (Derp!) this entire thing are just Calling him “The out cry of a very Challenged young man”. WTF?!? He left a 25minute video confession of it. See the very definition of Domestic Terrorist here: “The Calculated use of Violence […]

Yes, Illinois survived another primary election With all the Batshitcrazy Black and White Ads (Oh Yeah!) pumping creepy music, insane allegations and someone approving of lunacy. Speaking of bat Shit Crazy. Who Calls A Dictator You Are Now being “investigated” as having direct financial ties with after a fixed Election?!?!?!? Trumpy! The entire conversation Was […]

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