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In Honor Of Those Killed…

June 19th, 2015

As you know, normally I always do a funny (Well Try) post along with my other bits in (United States) the usual news. This sad evil terrorist event is Too Much. My Blog is Going At Half Mast today in honor of all those, who senselessly died at the hands of Racist Terrorist. So, go […]

But Racism Is Over…

June 18th, 2015

This is, the most gut wrenching, sad, blog I’ve had to post in over 3 years. My heart’s broken (Racist Evil) “I have to do it. You rape our women & you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.” A racist named Dylann Storm Roof entered an “Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church” He […]

Trump Dump, More Duggar

June 17th, 2015

There’s attention whores, the Kardashians and then there’s The Trump. I’ve officially (“Hey, I suck!”) changed the term in the dictionary 2 mean Trump-1. Loud pompous lying idiot with no self awareness, shame, or ability to feel at all 2. A gift given to every comedian where they do not have to work as hard […]

What’s going on with Texas lately? Well, to be honest. It’s not just lately, it’s been for a (Right Wing Terrorist) while. A man James Boulware “Shot Up” a dallas police station. He was fatally shot by a police sniper after an ‘overnight standoff’ that began when he opened fire on the cop station. This […]

You’ve seen LeBron James, basketball god play. And now all of American has seen Lil (The Dong Show) LeBron. Guess he is a grower not a shower And what crazy crap insanity are people all saying against ABC for accidentally showin it?!? Maybe the FCC. If they were to do this it’d be totally nuts. […]

What Your Favorite Movie…

June 12th, 2015

Says about you. If you like Indiana Jones, it tells me you prefer Whips over Guns. It (Nooooooice) also tells me you like history as well. And, what about people, who like The Princess Bride? Fuckin’ great people who love love true humor, and amazing acting/storyline And what about People who loved Cool As Ice […]

And now racist moron Eric Casebolt tries the usual Expected “Non-Apology Apology” right (We know) on que. Did he speak it?!? Nope. Did he try to ‘apologize’ to the teens he Terrorized, and the girl he slammed?!?!? Oh fuck no. That would imply he viewed them as actual equal citizens His lawyer then tried to […]

We learned that area of Texas has racist problems (The evil racists Defend the Cops & hide on video) (Sean Toon, racist POS) We learned the Cop Drastically Over Reacted here (He quit. Oh no. He must be charged with assault) We learned a fat Racist White women started it all (Tracey Carver-Allbritton isn’t Arrested […]

And Republicans are utterly losing their Shit The Supreme Court will Rule on this, later in (Yes, we know) the month. And now all the tears are flowing It has gotten SO Bad, that Glenn Beck thinks he’s MLK, Huckabee can ignore the Supreme if gays can marry, R- Gohmert says that folks pointing out […]

Racist Pool Scum & Cops

June 8th, 2015

What happens when you mix racist home owners, with armed cops? This goofy shit (Oh, we know) This is unacceptable, it is real, & it makes me fucking vomit. And ohhhhhhhh lookie it is in TEXAS. They really do put the ASs in Texas. How did it all start?! With White racist scum tauntin’ black […]

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