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So now Hillary used only one device so she could “Keep it simple using only one smart phone”. Oh, (“…off 1 phone”) well that makes sense. It wouldn’t be a cause to a problem, if she came out and said, that she used: “An iPad, Mini-iPad, iPhone, and a Blackberry” Ooooooooooooops. Look, she clearly should […]

The Hillary e-mail insanity is pretty silly funny shit She used her personal e-mail for all her work, & so (True!) this has caused a firestorm. Why? Um, I’m not very sure. Sure, she should’ve used a private one issued by the government. But the question is, “What does that mean, do we have all […]

What if I told you 47 Republican senators are writing letters to foreign leaders, as if they are the POTUS?!? (And your mouth) Knowing Republican’s today that shocks no one BUT this was a new low even for the loud ass racist bullies Banjo Head Tom Cotton (R-Ark) decided to send this threatening letter to […]

Colin Powell explained during the 50th anniversary of the March across the Selma bridge that there is a (Yes, we know) “Dark Vein Of Intolerance”, in the Republican Party today. Well, no…SHIT! Anyone with eyes & ears can see that. It’s in the policy, actions, words, & virtually everything they do. It’s like saying “Water […]

The Avengers Should Add…

March 6th, 2015

Either the Shmoo, Scrappy Doo, Snarf, Gazoo or Teddy Ruxbin. Think of how awesome that (“Let me at him!”) would be? By “Awesome”, I mean “Fucked Up Wrong”. The Hulk would Drop Kick Scrappy in the first 3 minutes into outer space. Now, that would be funny. Not, “Ha Ha” funny. More like “Revenge for […]

(WARNING! GRAPHIC VIOLENT IMAGES) It seems Communist North Korea wants to be “friends” again with South Korea and all unite (Senseless violence) And, they’re willing to slash the face and arms of US Ambassador Mark Lippert, to “prove” it He had surgery and is in stable condition now This is graphic, horrible, and pure insane […]

In the “Yes We Saw It Coming From 7 Billion Miles Away” segment, this Tea Party old lady (I’m a “racist”) says some really overtly racist violent evil shit “Listen I would like to think that these guys could pay with their lives, hanging from a noose in front of the U.S. Capitol Building” This […]

SNL “ISIS” Sketch…

March 3rd, 2015

SNL did a clever sketch about ISIS. It looks like a car commercial with a father dropping off his kid (Noice) at the airport. Then ISIS shows up to pick her up It was OK, watch it here. What did the right hate machine do about it?! Freak the fuck out because they simply aren’t […]

Ok, it’s clear. The entire Republican party today has now gone from “Lunatic morons” to “Trolls” (I’m a fidiot!) Oklahoma Republican, Jim Inhofe “decided”, to throw a snowball on the floor of congress trying to show climate change is some kinda big “hoax” I shit you not. This just really fucking happened YES, any child’ll […]

“Amercian Diaper”

February 27th, 2015

What if I told you story about a baby, who wore the deadliest back door covering in the world?!? (Shit Sniper) It is called, “American Diaper”—“When The Shit Hit’s The Cheeks”. In a world, where babies shit more each day than an entire outdoor musicfest the deadliest turds are yet to come; so BACK off […]

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