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Down, down, down they all go which jail they land, we do not (Russian Files!) yet know! Kushner “hid” 12/13 meetings with Putin State Run Bank, With Vnesheconombank THEY, WERE all GIVEN Russian $! Shit Trump Himself Sold his House Worth, Only $40 Million for $100 million 2 a connected (“But, but…Clinton!”) Russian Oligarch, that’s […]

If You Are A Trumper…

April 11th, 2017

and aren’t in the top 1% or a college student/soon to be, you are a Sucker (Laughin at you) Betsey DeVos just Removed Two of Obama’s Great “Student Loan Debt” reforms. Gone, Over, done. Those 2 important Reforms Were to Help all of these Loans Not Default. She just ensured they would default & giving […]

Trump bombing a Syrian base, that was totally operational the next day (Captain Dumbass) Meant Nothing. All His Actions ‘Did’, was Deliver more questions for him on Future Plans. What Does He see Happening In Syria? Does He Want Assad gone, if So How? If not, then which Factions IS he Supporting, & why? This […]

They are running Out Of Me! Wait, I (Zing!) did that wrong. If you’re Looking For something fun to do, go watch all old Seinfeld Episodes. It, Is “Gold Jerry!” Gold! Library Cop is A Classic As well Have a weekend!

Assad puts the ASS in his Name No Doubt. What Will Trumper Tantrum (<-Russian Ties) do? Nothing, he’s following Russia’s Hand which loves Assad, period. So this is very Sad. My View With Civil Wars is Avoid Them. However if the entire Fight is A human rights crisis and Children are Being murdered, I am […]

Seems Jared Kushner’s direct $ ties with Russia (which are illegal for government (<-Jared Jarred) Workers Employed, By The White House) are now Goin’ to be getting into the news It is not “good” when you Decide to meet With Russia’s: “Vnesheconombank Bank” Which is a state owned Putin Bank There It Was “Set Up” […]

Direct Russian Financial ties and His Administration “Buried” In It (Lying machine) All Is, The Problem. Orange Anus “Solution”? Lie & make more shit up solely to Distract from his shit This is What Children Do When It is clear They’re So getting Busted Seth Meyers (A “Friend” from the Past) Dismantled Trump, And His […]

Devin Down & Opening Day!

April 3rd, 2017

Devin Nunes, has done everything wrong In His Bullshit Investigation (<-Comrade) Well, except actually Conduct it as One Impartial, Bi-partisan “Manor” He might even be Charged with an Unethical Sort of Censure due to a dereliction¬†of Duties. This shit isn’t a fuckin’ game. It’s just some very Serious Shit here. And they Will all go […]

“Out” Like Flynn…

March 31st, 2017

Trumpys Head “Bitch”, Michael Flynn wants some sorta “immunity”. Ahh it (“Jail? Wha?”) is clear he won’t because most all the Intel Agencies Already have their shit on record. Can’t ‘Give’ what someone Already Has. This Is Massive & Surely Signals The End For Trump & all those Who Hooked Their Shit Wagon to Him […]

Burr In Trumps Saddle…

March 30th, 2017

Since, Devin “I’m A Biased Lying Trump Whore” Nunes “halted” his investigation (<-Going Down) it seems the Senate will take up a new 1 Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooops! NC R-Senator Richard Burr, Will Now be Chairing A Touted “Bi – Partisan” Senate Intelligence Committee. He already said he was a “Trump Voter” But his Job is to “Serve […]

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