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12 Year-Old Shot Dead…

December 2nd, 2014

I’m getting ill just typing these stories. They have been happening at alarming rates, and (Demands made) it is simply unacceptable. 12 year-old, Tamir Rice was alone, in a park, with a toy gun. So two cops pull up, fly out of the car & exectue him at point-blank-range. Forget, the “Cops” stories don’t remotely […]

Even Scalia Blasts Ferguson…

December 1st, 2014

Hope you had a goobleriffic weekend, & survied “Black Eye Friday”. Well things are still sadly all (Better call Saul!) about Ferguson today. And the entire process of the Grand jury was “botched” intentionally from the beginning. Shit even Scallia Bot 2000 said it: “Neither in this country nor in England has the suspect under […]

Happy Turkey Day to all everywhere around the world! Hope it’s a great one. Sorry no post yesterday…but the (True) family is in town, so that comes first. What ever you do today all the Libertarian Conservatives’ll be the loudest voice at the table trying to bully the conversation. Don’t let them. Be polite, keep […]

And So…It Begins

November 25th, 2014

The verdict came out, as I told you before, I knew EXACTLY what was going to happen. But how?!? (Bad call) Well, read yesterdays post. You don’t “prep” for a tornado, if there isn’t one coming or is in the area Let’s unpack this sad, evil, disgusting shit. Darren Wilson’s “story” to the Grand Jury […]

Ferguson Fumble & Racist Rudy

November 24th, 2014

Everyone knows the events in Ferguson MO by now. And if you do not, just type it into Google (Racist cop Page) The verdict will come out soon, & it will be Not Guilty. But, how could I possibly know this?!?! This decision was done a long time ago, & paid for, well in advance. […]

Groin Kickingly Great Friday!

November 21st, 2014

It also goes by GKGF. What’s a GKGF you ask?!?!? (Boot to the dong) Yep, t’s just that simple. Have two female cat-people hold the arms back of a “man-dog”, & kick him right in the old man meat bags. Go enjoy my party people Have a weekend!

Uber Fucked Up…

November 20th, 2014

Full disclosure, I used Uber, and love it. That said, this here is ‘very’ fucked up. The CEO of (Uber Screwed now!) Uber’s now usin’ private information to target journalists for…being honest. Prominent tech writer Sarah Lacy, reported on the company’s sexist practices at PandoDaily. For doing that, Josh Moyer, the general manager for Uber Ny […]

The Twitter Bullshitters…

November 19th, 2014

It seems the Republican’s used Twitter as a way to violate campaign finance law which prohibits (Oh shit no) coordination. I mean, for fucks sake they all can already ‘rape’ the electoral process after Citizens United. But…it seems they now want to publicly shit on all our faces, to boot. Classy! PAC’s used twitter as a […]

Evil Odummer, I Mean Reagan…

November 18th, 2014

Obama’s Immigration plan is the same one HW Bush and St. Reagan did. They used Executive Order aside (Hypocrite much?!?!) from what Congress was or was not doing. Then…the screaming begins. So expect nothing short of Big-Ass “Republican Hypocrisy” on this one; nearly 3 decades ago both Reagan & HW Bush ‘both’ extended amnesty to the […]

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio explained the Mid-terms in pretty simple terms: When American’s desire the (“I won!”) policies, positions, & specific Governance you offer; don’t run from them. It’s sound advice. It would be like a football team that is 6-1 thinking, “You know? Let’s not do anything that’s made us a winning club […]

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