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No Blog Today…

November 9th, 2015

Sorry, family comes first. My father was moved from the hospital to a Rehab facility today, and had to be there helping with my mom/both. Its part of parents getting older. You will learn ALL about it someday people. Be well & you rock on Have a day!

After watching 3 LOTR’s yesterday night I realized All those Movies could’ve been just One Hour each (Check out my stick!) Why? Cut all the fucking strained close ups of Frodo Then Sam, then Frodo, Gandolf and then Sam again then then Gez, silly shit never ended. Battle scenes were cool Talk about gay Overtones?! […]

Republicans have a problems courting all minorities, and considering they offer NO (“Hey my brothers!”) policies for them, it makes sense. Now we have Ben “Herman Cain II” Carson trying to “court” the black vote with gimmicks & old “hacky” sterotypes. Is this a “Comedy Sketch”?!? This shit looks like shit directly Lifted From ‘Undercover […]

What do ya get when you Cross an ignorant Redneck with a low IQ? A domestic terrorist (We know) 61 year-old Marshall W. Leonard, Wanted to “Blow Up” a Wal-Mart because they stopped selling Confederate Flags. He Threw a Bomb “Explosive Device” Inside the Store, then he told an employee on break “You better run!” […]

Taco Hell & WWB…

November 3rd, 2015

A head for Taco Smell just got fired today But why?!?!?! Turns out when you “Drunk (Uber Idiot!) Uber” try not to so violently hit the driver Benjamin Golden, 32, formally worked as Mobile Experience, And Innovations Lead If you want to ‘Drunkenly Punch’ an Uber Driver by Taco Bell, now there’s an Ap for […]

It seems an utter lack of policy substance on all The TeaOP Bullshitter debates is the fault of the (It’s your fault!) “Media” now. So much for the party of personal responsibility. No, the Real Issue is that they all lack policy knowledge/substance, valid statistics and any fundamental Understanding of how any form of governance “actually […]

Halloween Schmalloween…

October 30th, 2015

Hey, so what’s a fun Halloween costume?!?!?!?! Tapin’ 25 cents behind you bein’ a “Quaterback” Being Dr. Fartface or “Black Sherlock Homes”?! How about Capt Morgan next to a bag of coke?! (It’s Booger Sugar) So, any are better choice than this donkey shit: (Count Dorkula) Any High School voted No to him. Just saying […]

Debate Douchebaggery…

October 29th, 2015

The Republican debate can be summed up in Three words: “Substancefree Shit Show” (“Right up ur ass!”) Sure there were Fireworks between Trump and everyone. He actually did make a good point to the CNBC host about the time of it & that he negotiated for the shorter Debate Jeb Bush Got Bitch Slapped By Rubio, […]

Crying Ryan Is Frying…

October 28th, 2015

It seems the lumbering ignorance that’s the entire Republican Party today, now “Picked” (We know) their House Speaker. It’s Paul “I Was Mitty’s Bitch When We Lost” Ryan, Is Now The Main man in the House. By “Main Man” I mean “A tool to be Abused, have to deal with Batshity nutters, & pretend we […]

Now, Trump Gets Ugly…

October 27th, 2015

Well the “Ugly” is Starting to bubble up in “Bigot Boy Trump Land”. So let’s add (Best use!) “Assault” to what campaign events offer Ariel Rojas, a “Pro-Immigration Activist” was dragged out of a Trump stop by his collar on the ground, and kicked as rally Goers all Cheered, “USA! USA! USA!!!!!” This is so […]

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