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This is a Late post, sorry about that The Republican repeal and Replace (Times up…bitch!) was PULLED!!! They, do, not know ANYTHING. They are all just going down. This is lunacy dyin politically Fine, by me. When an asshole lying prick is building their casket… complement the Work, you’re done Have a weekend!

Pissing Up A Rope…

March 23rd, 2017

And Wondering why you’re getting wet That is the entire Trumpy TeaOP today (Down you go!) So, as Trumpy’s Russian Financial Ties Investigation is goin on Republikkkans Tabled Voting on their big dogshit ACA Repeal. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha all These Morons Simply Do NOT know “HOW” to govern, period! “Obstruction’s” so […]

Putin On The Ditz…

March 22nd, 2017

Part, of being A “Mastermind” is the Obvious “Mind” Part. Trumpy, Flynn, (Ooooops) Manafort, Carter Page, the Agalarovs Dmitry ‘Rybolovlev’, Michael Caputo, and Many, many more. Like Russia’s Fertlizer King ties (you honestly can’t make this shit up). He’s buddies with a Bullshit King…….Dmitry Rybolovlev You Know, That Big Name, Above us well turns out, […]

Dasvidaniya Donny! Trumps ties to Russia go Back 30 Years. He Has Russian Kremlin (We know) Oligarchs Cash in his properties to the tune of $100 million. Hint: They don’t ‘live’ here When you’re POTUS that’s called, a fucking bribe. U can’t serve 2 masters, your pocket Book And Your Country. The ‘Russian’ Bank Alfa doesn’t […]

Trump, is, royally, fucked…Big League Comey already re-confirmed what WE (Drink it up!) All, already knew. Trump made up the “Wire Tapping”. He lied, PERIOD. And even With Every New Huge lie, he has only ONE Goal. Distract from his clear Russian Banking and his financial ties to them. You all know for a “fact” […]

Pappy St. Hatricks Day!

March 17th, 2017

Livers Beware Today! Your owners (Artwork by Dean MacAdam) are going to abuse you in ways that are Inhuman. Be Safe, Sing, Dance, Laugh, And Smile. It Is Bad Enough For Me, I Best Put My Name On The “Liver Donors” List “ASAP”. I ‘Kid’, I Joke. FYI- “Ní neart go cur le chéile” NOTE […]

It’s not just basketball, that’s Madness we like. In Government?! Not so much (<-To Hate) Trumps Travel Ban was knocked down Aaaaaaaagggggggggggaaaaaaaiiiiiinnn It always will be. It Simply Violates the ‘Establishment Clause’. A Hawaii Judge already stopped it. There was No Truth to the Orange Anus’s tweet on the wire tapping lie. Now it Appears […]

Comey say no “Wire tapping”. Clapper say no “Wire tapping” or FISA warrant (“GTFO!”) Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., Told News at a press conference Wednesday in Dc “We don’t have Any Evidence that that took Place.”. That’s Because It Did Not Happen. This Is ‘Trump’ Using Racist R bloggers who lie & have Always Shown […]

Town Hell 5.Oh No…

March 14th, 2017

Remember when the Democrats caught hell from Tea Party types (We know) in 2010. They were riled up bout “Death Panels”, & Lies. So guess what? What happens when folks Are All VERY INFORMED, & VERY Angry “With Republican Policies” that will cripple them?!? Oooooo you know they will Try ‘Fascism’ & shut down rational […]

The new TrumpCare bill is going nowhere. It’s Simply a give away (“Doesn’t”?!) to the top 1% at the expense of all Poor, Sick And Elderly. FUCK YOU!!!!!! What is the entire wire tapping lies, TrumpCare and all the other distraction are for one reason alone. His Financial Ties to Russia. The Walls are Closing […]

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