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It’s “Fry” Day…

April 21st, 2017

Pick a Friday to be “Fry Day”. We get how “bad” McDonald’s Fries are for You, but you Gotta cut (hellz yes!) Cut lose, Foot Loose Some Days. Today should be that day. Now Go Out And Fry It Up bitches Have a weekend!

Sorry No Post Today…

April 20th, 2017

Go out and make your mark….or Bill, or Jeff or really Anyone’s Name will do. Ha! Have a great to all your wonderful readers. Rock on Have a day!

Jon Ossoff didn’t get 51% of the vote He got 48%. That is very good, but it (Win in June!) signals A “DEEP” dislike for Trumpers If he’d Have won at 51%, it would’ve been more landmark. The fact he did not but only by 3% is the second best outcome. Look out Republicans in […]

A Progressive democrat’s leading in the polls in Georgia today. As we all (Go get em!) know, that means nothing unless ya VOTE!!! This Special Election Has Us all Watching. If You are Down there, get out The VOTE for The Young Jon Ossoff Bernie Progressive. We, Don’t yet know If This Election Does Mean […]

Protests Erupted, All Over the weekend of Citizens demanding the Orange anus (Release Them!) release this tax returns and that noose of Russian Financial/Campaign Ties are at A Fever Pitch. Impeachment is Likely when those Investigations conclude ace And 2 add insult to idiot douche Trump kid Donny Douche Jr. Who was Blasted for his […]

What If I Told You…

April 14th, 2017

Deadpool and Nick Fury has a movie Together, BUT it wasn’t (Hells Yes!) them Technically. It IS both of those actors and it’s Called the Hitman’s Bodyguard. So thank me later. And go rock your day NOTE: Anti-Government TeaOP Gun Loving Anti Religious Dude Arrested Plotting Against Trump Wait? What?! He Is Your Classic Trump […]

Just “dropped a bomb” on what they Believe Is ISIS In Afghanistan SMFH (Wrong bomb) It is the “Largest” Non-nuclear bomb ever dropped. You can’t “bomb” your way out of ISIS. It’s An Idea And the MORE ya Bomb Innocents, The more enemies You MAKE Fuckwads. It Did not work in Iraq, & it did […]

Down, down, down they all go which jail they land, we do not (Russian Files!) yet know! Kushner “hid” 12/13 meetings with Putin State Run Bank, With Vnesheconombank THEY, WERE all GIVEN Russian $! Shit Trump Himself Sold his House Worth, Only $40 Million for $100 million 2 a connected (“But, but…Clinton!”) Russian Oligarch, that’s […]

If You Are A Trumper…

April 11th, 2017

and aren’t in the top 1% or a college student/soon to be, you are a Sucker (Laughin at you) Betsey DeVos just Removed Two of Obama’s Great “Student Loan Debt” reforms. Gone, Over, done. Those 2 important Reforms Were to Help all of these Loans Not Default. She just ensured they would default & giving […]

Trump bombing a Syrian base, that was totally operational the next day (Captain Dumbass) Meant Nothing. All His Actions ‘Did’, was Deliver more questions for him on Future Plans. What Does He see Happening In Syria? Does He Want Assad gone, if So How? If not, then which Factions IS he Supporting, & why? This […]

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