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Everybody “Hates” Trump…

September 25th, 2017

It’s seems no matter who it is, or what Horribly Vile, Tone Deaf Hate Was Just (We know) spewed……everybody is turning on the Orange Anus. The Latest, Is The NFL & Lebron James. Trump Doesn’t Get Our 1st Amendment, as most fascist do not See, the Reason people fight for all our Freedom’s As Bolger’s […]

It’s “Fart Friday”…

September 22nd, 2017

Today is all about “Fart Friday”. There are (The Ass Voice) so many different styles, kinds, and classes of that blast from your ass. Here are a Few: -The Turd Rumbler(A thick berrrrap) -The Squirrel Squeaker(Tiny squeak) -The Bazooka Butt Burp(Loud boom) -The Juicy Shit Shaker(Classic wet 1) -The Anus Annihilator(Hard quick force) -The Mud […]

Trump(doesn’t)care 3rd Fail…

September 21st, 2017

Republicans, aside from lying daily & sticking up For the Orange Anus ManBaby, Do love to (We know) keep Digging When In A Hole. They don’t just Double, Triple or Quadruple down. They are a shitty Kevin Federline Record Skipping over & over and over. Not only are Our Ears Bleeding but We’ve had enough. […]

The Graham-Cassidy Fraud Lies…

September 20th, 2017

Between Trumple Thinskin’s Jabbering all empty insane Threats to an always (Doody Donnie) tiny ego Driven turd in N. Korea. And Orange Ass Ending The Iran Pact. We get this “Rocket Man” Gibberish. Kim Jong Un is a man Trapped in a Babies body. Trump’s a baby “Trapped” In A fat lying racists body. Oh […]

Unfunny Spicer, RNC Legal Fees…

September 19th, 2017

With Mueller’s “investigation” seemingly rounding The Home Stretch, we get the (Buckle Up!) biggest tell. Paul Manafort was actually listened in on With A Warrant. You can expect An indictment of him And More Trump’s usin’ RNC Funds for His Legal team. AKA-burning your donors money who are a collection of Suckers & idiots BUT, […]

Emmy’s Torch Trump & More…

September 18th, 2017

If you watched the Emmy’s last night You saw Trump satire all on full blast (Boom!) It seems society, washington, people Writ large, Republicans, Mueller, And really Anyone with A working pulse & an IQ over 3…..all hate Trump. Guess you could say, he “earned” it all. Reap what you Sow buddy. It’s attention ya […]

The orange anus is so out of touch with American Citizens he thinks it (<-TWITter!) is a great idea to conflate tax cuts With “Hurricanes”. Ahhhhhhh, yes With 80 people who Died & others Still Without Power/Shelter In The keys, Houston’s down town simply crippled………it’s Tax Cuts Time for the Top 1%/Corporations. Oh sure the […]

Trumpers Trolled & Single Payer…

September 13th, 2017

While there can be ignorant people In sound clips from all The Political (Nice Work!) spectrum. Trumpers are clearly the more ignorant Ill Informed Clueless piles of shit ever. They want to just “Impeach” Clinton Who Is not Even holding an Office of any Kind. WTF? See, again. You can “find” people at any rally […]

Pure Violent Racist Hate…

September 12th, 2017

A Bi-racial boy of 8 was lynched & hung. Thankfully he Survived, But (Horror) the cops did NOTHING & even the Fucking Police Chief, ‘Mark Chase’ Said This ‘Heinous Insane’ bullshit: “These People, need to Be Protected (the racist teens who did this horror) Mistakes they make, as a young child shouldn’t have to Follow […]

Mis-Communications Director…

September 11th, 2017

It Seems, Even Trumps “Social Media” director doesn’t know what’s Real or Fake but he posts (Derp!) “Fake News” Anyway? Dan Scavino Jr (So who comes with these Names “Villains Are Us?!?!?) tweeted a Pic of The Miami Airport Underwater Only Problem, it Wasn’t The Miami Airport, & it Wasn’t During Irma. Ooooooooooooooooooops Damn these […]

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